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Let your friends and family relax at one of Raleigh's 140+ area

Entertain Visiting Family and Friends
Things to do in Raleigh, N.C. has everything locals need to keep company happy with ideas for tasty dining and things to do, like climbing the highest indoor rock wall in a five-state radius at Triangle Rock Club, where passionate mind and managing partner Joel Graybeal helps visitors conquer fears and boost confidence.

Take friends and family on a tour of authentic experiences created by passionate-minded locals rooted in Raleigh... you and your guests will see Raleigh with fresh eyes!

Triangle Rock Club


Seven fun ways to get active and get outside

Share Raleigh's recreation and outdoor experiences with your loved ones. Bond, laugh and connect on rock walls, lakes and trails and more. Click here


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Raleigh's authentic experiences are homegrown by its smart, savvy locals. Meet the brains behind attractions, innovative restaurants and more your family will enjoy, here.
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Share Raleigh's cutting-edge Southern cuisine with your loved ones. The meal itself will be something you'll talk about for years to come. Browse our restaurants, here.
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Impress your family with undiscovered things to do. You may have favorites you want to share, but you can also read the visitRaleigh insider blog to get ideas on where to take your crew, here.

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